20 Year Retrospective


The Howland Cultural Center in Beacon, New York was the site of Al Landzberg’s  20 Year Retrospective Exhibition, in June of 1993. He showed more than forty works ranging from early, intimate, forged steel pieces to monumental outdoor sculptures. Al Landzberg’s works were exhibited on the main floor of the Center and also out of doors, on adjoining lawn spaces. 


The Howland Center, formerly the Beacon Library, was converted to an arts center in 1976. It has thirty foot high ceilings with an elegant 19th century wood interior. It was designed by the architect Richard Morris Hunt, who designed the facade of the Metropolitan Museum of Art and is considered a father of  American architecture.


The Howland Cultural Center

Howland Cultural Center

Al Landzberg’s  20 Year Retrospective Exhibition











Howland Cultural Center



Al  Landzberg   685 Fieldstone Road   Yorktown Heights, New York 10598   914-962-4229


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