Artist Statement


The sky I see has a transformational spiritual quality. When I see day giving way to night, it inspires a corresponding mood, and alters the way I feel at that moment. The world’s major religions and mythologies link people with sky and heaven. The mystery of this relationship has been important to visual artists throughout the ages. They were at the heart of the Hudson River School of Painting and are emblematic in my own work.


In my vision people connect sky and the earth. We inhabit the one and wonder about the other. And so, I  have been occupied with expressing this in vertical pieces in various forms and sizes. Some stand geometrically, some curve gracefully, some represent elements of nature, but some are ambiguously abstract. You can find images of these sculptures in the “Sky and Light” Gallery:

 --- “Ascending Arcs” clambers and soars. Its burnished stainless steel surfaces are extraordinarily sensitive to the angle of the sun. While it appears substantial, it also twinkles in and out of view. It’s as if the sculpture is involved in a game of peekaboo with light, shadow, and the viewer.

---Trees depend on light for sustenance. But while they reach for light their leaves provide shade and their trunks remain rooted to the earth.  “Attracted to Light,” is a sculpture that reaches for the sky.  On first impression it suggests a tree. But, its form is not conventional. It also suggests a person. Perhaps. Wait - does that limb suggest a bird?   

There’s mystery and ambiguity, but also a strong vision of nature’s elements connecting in a fundamental way.

--- “Big Sky”, shown in my studio, also suggests, in a much larger and more complex work, a tree-like form that is both rooted and reaching. This work’s myriad surfaces, perhaps like foliage, create a new, evocative sky-earth view: moving clouds, distant horizon, and refracting sunlight. This form’s size suggests that it has experienced the timelessness of many sunrises and sunsets.


I have extended my work to the public art arena. I have two major projects: “Rivers Alive” on the New York City waterfront, and “Sky River” on the Hudson River. These projects contain new imagery as well as references to my previous work. All evoke a sky-earth-water connection.  Formal proposals have been drawn up for both and have been submitted for review by planners in the metropolitan New York area.

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