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Sky River, 2005

A digital rendering of a 190 foot suspension bridge that connects to a fishing platform in the Hudson River in Westchester County is shown. Designed as a low key recreational/educational facility in 2005 to draw residents and tourists to the waters of the Hudson, it features a transparent deck, interactive video displays and summertime wading. A non-profit corporation, Sky River Walk Inc., has been formed to develop and implement the project. The proposal, written with Amie Worley a curator in the Westchester Park system, is available in a printed document.


The Woodland Memorial - The Path of Remembrance, 2004


The model in the photograph shows the main elements in the 2004 proposal for the Westchester 911 Memorial:

1) Converging walkways with seating along a low granite wall engraved with the names of Westchester victims.

2) A woodland path leading to World Trade Center sculptural fragments.

3) A circular labyrinth leading into a central meditation area enclosed by cyprus trees.


The proposal developed in collaboration with P.Willen, Architect, A.Walmsley, FASLA, Landscape Architect, and H.Dimos, Landscape Architect, was second in the Westchester 911 Memorial competition.


Rivers Alive! New Life for Old Waterfronts, 2007

Started in 2006, the drawing of a proposed environmental art installation consisting of a 500 foot long pier with suspension bridge imagery and a soaring 100 foot sculpture is shown on the Manhattan waterfront. Designed as a major recreational/educational facility to draw residents and tourists alike to the waters of New York Harbor, it features an aquarium of local fish, video camera views of the harbor, interactive computer access to a myriad of waterfront information as well as summertime wading.  For more information about the Rivers Alive project go to The proposal has been submitted to a number of New York City planners who are involved in waterfront projects as well as the Waterfront Committee of Community Board#1. The proposal was developed in collaboration with Anthony Walmsley, FASLA, Landscape Architect.


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